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Sun Visor Hats for Men, Women and Children

If you are looking for sun protection, but do not like wearing a hat, choose a comfortable sun visor. Styles available for golf, tennis, pickleball, water aerobics, and for everyday wear. Choose from a large selection of straw sun visors, cotton sun visors, fabric-foam sun visors with a variety of closure type, such as hook and loop, curly coil lace or elasticized closures. Clip-on sun visors easily slip on. Wrap-around sun visors and crownless hats provide all around sun protection. Convertible visor caps allow you alternate between a sun visor and a cap by removing the crown. Ponytail hole caps, such as our Ginnie caps have a half open crown to allow room for ponytail or bun. Sun visors hats provide good sun protection for face and reduce glare. Visors are available with small 3" to large 5" brim sizes. Great brands:  Scala Collection, Tropical Trends, DPC, Jeanne Simmons, Sun 'N' Sand, Panama Jack, Caribbean Joe, Cappelli, Epoch, Tommy Bahama, Sunny Dayz, Boardwalk Style, Glove It, No Headache sun visors. 




  • Pro Golf Cotton Sun Visor - Cappelli Hats, Visor Cap - SetarTrading Hats
    Pro Golf Cotton Sun Visor - Cappelli Hats, Visor Cap - SetarTrading Hats
    Scala Hats

    Pro Golf Cotton Sun Visor - Cappelli Hats

    $ 13.00

    Cotton sun visor with curly coil lace for women. Lightweight soft foam brim covered with cotton layer. 4" peak. Decorative stitching. Terrycloth sw...

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    $ 13.00