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Description and names of the parts of a sun visor. Style and closure types of a visor hat.

Sun visors have three basic parts: bill, band and closure.

Visor, Bill, Brim: the part that extends forward

Band: the vertical part of the visor hat that encircles the head

Break: where the crown and the brim joins

Bill edge: the edge of the bill refers to how the brim is finished

Dip: the slope of the bill overall from the break

Width: the side to side measurement of the bill

Sweatband, inner band: the inside of the band for moisture control or cushioning

Underbrim: the underside of the brim


The bill is the part of a visor hat the shades the face. The peak and width of the bill determines how much sun protection a visor hat provides.

Men's visors and sport visors have a pre-curved bill with a 2.25"-3" peak and 5"-6" width.

Round brim sun visors provide more sun protection with a 4"-6" peak and 8"-12" width.

Wrap-around sun visors and crownless visor hats have a 4"-7" peak, the brim goes all around the head protecting the face and neck.


Open back: clip-on, slip-on sun visors are held in place by the stiff band that extends behind the ears. The side of the band is called arm.

Velcro®, Hook and Loop closure: are traditional visors with a hook and loop straps sewn to both ends of the band. This closure allows a 2"-3" adjustment to size the visor to fit small to large hat sizes. Visors with Velcro® closure are comfortable to wear and stay on securely. Wrap-around sun visors

Curly coil visors are held in place with a spring coil, like a no tie shoelace. The coil is pulled through a rivet placed at the ends of the band. The length of the arm varies so is the length of the coil.

Elastic closure visors have an elasticized back. The stretchy section makes if very comfortable to wear, but offers little adjustment.

Bra strap closure visors have an adjustable elastic strap attached to the band. Allows for large adjustment to fit a range of head sizes.


Band is the part of the visor that wraps around the head. It varies from 1/2" to 2.5" high, extra-wide band, 3"-4", covers the forehead up to or past the hairline.

Inner band is the lining on the inside of the band. It can be a cotton or terrycloth lining, a grosgrain ribbon strap, or cushiony elasticized band.