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Fedora is one of the most well-known hat styles. A fedora hat has small soft brim, generally 1.5" - 2.25" wide (stingy brim, wide brim fedora). The brim can be curled up all around, or just in the back with the front turned down. Fedora hat has a pinched crown with a dented, C-crown or diamond crown top. Most often accented with a simple ribbon band with a small side bow, a pin or feather.

A trilby is a narrow, stringy brim fedora hat. Originally designed for a women's role, Princess Fedora Romazov, played by Sarah Bernhardt in the French play Fédora in 1882. Though, her hat was a soft wool felt hat, it did not resemble what we know today as a fedora. It seems that a savvy New York hatter, Knox began to advertise his wool felt hat style made for men as a hat designed for American men to be worn for any and all occasions, and called it a fedora, referencing the theatrical sensation and the lavish, elegant French fashion. 


A beret is a soft round flat brimless cap made of wool felt. Berets are simply accented with a stalk (the little thing on top, aka stem). The band around the head is usually narrow felt, but can be wider or made of leather. Berets are often personalizied by badges, pins. Berets are worn with a slant to the side (traditionally to the right) or to the back. 

Who and what do you think of when you say "BERR-ay"? Green Berets, Military uniform, the French, the Dutch, Rastafarians, Beret Girl, Olivia Flaversham, Rembrandt, Che Guavara, Hemingway? Berets have been around for centuries, worn by clergy, military, Marxiest, activist, artist, freethinking revolutionaries.

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Men's beanies are tight fitting knitted caps made of wool or synthetic material. Cuffed beanies have a folded band, the double layer of fabric provides extra warmth for the ears. Radar beanies have a bill/visor.



Bucket hats are simple little hats with a flat crown top, slightly tapered sidewall, and narrow, soft, stitched brim. Brim is between 1.5"-2.5" wide and downward sloping. Summer bucket hats are made of cotton, twill. For ventilation there are a couple of eyelets sewn or riveted. Bucket hats are made of a variety of solid color fabrics, prints, or camouflage. Bucket hats seldom have chin straps, or adjustable sizing.

Bucket hats for cold weather are made of wool felt, canvas, weathered cotton with fleece, or sherpa lining.

Bucket hats are also a favored hat style for rain hats.


Boonie hats have been popular since the Vietnam war. Boonies are similar to bucket hats only with a wider brim. Crown top is flat, mostly round but can be elongated. The crown can be vented with eyelets or mesh, often only a section of the sidewall is made of mesh. Most boonie hats have chin straps. Boonie hats have stiffer brims than bucket hats. Generally, brims are made of double ayers with stiffener to hold flat. Boonie hats are made of cotton, nylon, performance fabrics, or recycled materials, such as recycled plastic bottles. Synthetic boonie hats are lighter weight, quick dry, shrink and fade resistant. The brim is often dimensional, the front and back are wider than the sides, providing better sun protection for face and neck. Boonies usually have adjustable sizing with toggle. Some boonies have pockets, neck flaps, looped band, side snaps and floatable brims. Boonie hats are packable, and great companion for any outdoor activities.


The ascot cap is a round, structured cap. The round shape is created by the small bill incorporated into the crown. Ascots for cold weather are made of wool felt, leather or suede. For summer wear, straw and polyknit ascots are available.

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Flat cap is an oval shape cap with a flat top and tapered side. Though, there were slight design differences once, today the terms flat cap, driving cap, ivy cap is interchangable. Ivy caps are worn all year round, thus, made of a variety of materials, wool felt, leather, cotton. The bill is incorporated into the crown, either sewn in or with a snap. Winter flat caps are lined, some designed with ear cover that folds into the crown.


Duckbill caps are a combination of an ascot and a flat cap. Rounded crown made of sections of materials, usually six panels. The bill is sewn into the cap with cushioning that created the dome look. Duckbill caps are worn all year round. They are made of wool felt, cotton, knit, leather, suede and synthetic fabrics. Winter duckbill cap have warm flannel or fleece lining. 


So many names almost the same style. Newsboy caps are made of eight wedge panels. The top of the cap is wider than the band that fits around the hat, so a slouchy, oversized look is created. There is a signature button accent on the center of the top. The bill is a little larger and sticks out from under the crown. Newsboy caps can be solid color, or a combination of colors and type of fabrics. This style is also worn year round, and are made of large variety of materials.

More names: Newsie hat, baker boy, page boy, paper boy, Big Apple hat


Cadet cap , also referred to as patrol cap, military cap or field cap, have a flat crown with straight crown walls. Brim is relatively short, slightly curved. Cadet caps are made of a variety of materials, such as cotton, denim, tarp, suede and leather.


Casual cap usually made of six panels with a button top and a firm bill. Bills can be pre-curved, or flat. Trucker caps have mesh back. Baseball cap are fitted or adjustable with hook and loop, slider or snap closures.