Laurel Burnt Palm Leaf Asymmetrical Brim Lattice Crown Sun Hat - Tula Hats

$ 36.00
SKU TU1-1920

Unique asymmetrical brim facesaver sun hat with vented lattice crown.

Brim is 4.5" wide on front, and 2.5" wide in back. 

Tightly woven palm leaf hat provides excellent sun protection, UPF 50+.

Naturally water resistant. 

Suede chin strap with wooden bead.

Stretch inner band for perfect fit and maximum comfort.

100% palm fiber.

Handcrafted in Mexico.

These beautiful and stylish Tula hats are made of natural palm fibers and are handcrafted in Mexico by local artisans. Tula hats are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and in accord with Fair Trade policy. Tula hats are made of tightly braided and sewn palm fibers. They provide excellent sun protection, rated UPF 50+. Results of the California Polytechnic State University testing shows the hats block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation, they state: “The brim area of these hats is excellent, in fact, we have never tested anything with 0% transmittance. Congratulations on this protection!”

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