Hat Care

Wool Felt


  • lay hat upside down when setting it on a surface. Laying it on the brim will flatten and distort the brim.
  • do not expose your hat to high heat, such as a hot vehicle, fireplace, ,,,
  • if your hat is wet, from rain or sweat, flip up the sweatband and lay the hat upside down, or hang it on a hook and allow it to dry naturally. Do not use hair drier or clothes drier or subject it to heat (fireplace); heat could cause hat to shrink. Felt will retain the shape it dries in, so make sure it is shaped as you like.
  • There are opposing opinion about this:
    • Grab your hat by the crown, not the brim when removing from your head, to maintain shape of brim. We kind of feel this is just how we saw it in movies, and looks cool, but not good for your hat. Pinching the front peak or top of the crown could cause cracks or distort the original shape.
    • Grab your hat by the brim, and not the crown when removing from your head to maintain shape of the crown. We prefer picking up the hat with thumb inside at sides and fingers barely touching brim.
    • We leave it up to you, just make sure your hand is clean.


  • remove dust and dirt by brushing with soft brush (hat brush designed for felt hats would be the best)
    • begin on one side and work your way around with short strokes (counterclockwise prefered)
  • wipe with damp cloth
  • use small piece of masking tape to remove lint left after brushing
  • spot cleaning can be done with steam,  super fine sand paper, or damp cloth
  • dry cleaning is best


  • if you seldom wear your hat, store it in a hat box or bag on a hat stand or stuffed with tissue
  • you can stack similar crown shaped hats to save space
  • hang it on a rack, wider and flatter hook shape is preferred


Straw Hats

  • as with wool hats, we prefer picking up the hat by the brim, not the crown or peak, especially firmer weaved hats. Continually pinching these natural fibers will result in cracks and holes.
  • place your hat upside down, on it's crown when setting it on a surface or hang it up.
  • to dust off, use a soft brush.
  • to remove stains, wipe with a cloth or sponge, dampened in warm water and soap, do not let straw get too wet.
  • if your hat gets wet, dry it with a cloth, then let it dry naturally with the brim turned up
  • steam it to shape if necessary
  • misshapen flat brim straw hats can be shaped carefully with a lukewarm--not hot--flat iron
  • store it on a wide, flat hook, or in a box supported at the sweatband so it won't lay on it's brim


    Paper Braid Hats

    • Fortunately or unfortunately most of the "straw" hats nowadays are made of paper braids sewn or woven. Sometimes cotton or polypropylene braided with the paper to achieve a certain look, feel or function (better UV protection, better resistance to water, packable) 
    • Brush off dust or soil with soft brush.
    • Spot clean only with damp cloth or sponge. 
    • Do not soak. It will alter the shape or completely ruin your hat. Keep in mind these hats are made mainly for sun protection, not for rainy days.
    • you can pre-treat you hat with water repellent agent, to make is more water resistant
    • Misshapen, creased hats can be gently steamed - 4" away - with a tightly rolled towel placed underneath (sauce pan, hat form can also be used), then push fibers in line. For rough bumps, let it dry under weight. Test in small area for color bleeding before.


     Leather Hats

    • Pick up your hat by the brim as described above.
    • Scarring and subtle variations naturally occur on genuine leather which makes each hat unique and enhances it's character, and proves it's authenticity
    • If your hat gets wet, wipe with dry cloth. Let it air dry on flat, clean surface.
    • Never  leave your hat in an enclosed area where it is subjected to extreme heat. It will cause shrinkage.
    • Do not dry clean, tumble dry, wash in dishwasher, use bleach.
    • Smooth leather hats
      • Smooth leather hat may occasionally be treated with quality leather dressing.
      • Brush off surface with sold brush, or wipe with damp cloth.
    • Suede hats can be cleaned with a stiff brush; stains can be removed with fine sand paper.
    • you can treat your hat with waterproof spray


    Soaker Hats

    • These hats are made of micro-suede material. Composed of fine polyester fibers. Soft to the touch, light weight, durable and feel like real suede. This material absorbs liquids, and dries slowly. Thus provide the evaporative chilling effect on hot summer day.
    • Hand wash with cold to lukewarm water, or wipe with damp cloth. Use mild detergent. 
    • use lint brush if needed
    • Dry flat, or hang it to dry in the shade.
    • Do not use bleach, tumble dry, dry clean, or leave in an enclosed area where it is exposed to extreme heat (ie. on dashboard in your car) 
    • Aussie Chiller (soaker) Hats
      • wash with mild soaps, or stain removers. Bucket hats and caps are dishwasher and machine safe, but do not put them through dry cycle or into the dryer. Air dry. 
      • pack flat. Will retain shape with only minor and temporary creases. Wet to restore shape.
    • RAIN: these hats provide some rain protection, as they absorb water.


     Organza Dress Hats

    • silk organza hats should be dry-cleaned!
    • synthetic organza fabric can be hand washed with mild detergent.
    • dry away from heat. You can place it on a hat form, but most dress hats have wired edge brim, so they stand on their own.
    • to get rid of wrinkles, use steamer-watch your hands! or steaming iron on low setting with a press cloth. You can also let the steam in the bathroom do the work. 
    • Shout wipes work well to remove makeup stains from the inner band
    • place in hat box or bag to keep dust off. It can be difficult to shake dust off of the  embelishments on the hat, such as feathers


    Cotton, Linen Bucket Style Hats

    • They are usually washable -check tag-, but they could shrink.
    • Use cold to lukewarm water and mild detergent
    • hang, of place on hat form to dry
    • steam or iron if needed

    Cotton, Canvas Hats

    • use a brush to remove dirt
    • spot clean stain with wet cloth, use mild detergent if needed.
    • waxed or oiled cotton hats can be rinsed off

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