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Aussie Hats

Aussie Chiller Hats...

provide glorious cooling in summer heat, and sunblock all year long.

HEAT: for instant heat relief, soak your hat with cold water. Soak the crown and interior band thoroughly, the brim will catch the excess water. To re-chill, just splash some cold water. On very hot days, you can soak the whole hat...aahh those cool drippings! The perforated side walls allow air ventilation, but block the damaging sun rays.

CARE: wash with mild soaps, or stain removers. Bucket hats and caps are dishwasher and machine safe, but do not put them into the dryer. Air dry.

TRAVEL/PACKING: pack flat. Will retain shape with only minor and temporary creases.

RAIN: some rain protection, as these hats are slow to absorb rain water.

WIND/ FIT: for brim styles with stretch sizing bands: in heavy wind, grab the interior stretch band at the rear seam and tug and inch or two down and out for a much snugger fit.



These DPC Global Soaker Hats also provide great evaporating cooling and UPF50+ UV protection.


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Descriptions and Names of Men's and Women's Hat Styles and Parts of a Hat