Victoria Up Brim Hat - Carkella Golf Hat by Wallaroo Hats

$ 50.00

The new Victoria hat by Carkella offers a small style and functionality update to Wallaroo's best selling Victoria upturned brim golf hat.

Carkella by Wallaroo version of the Victoria hat comes with full inner lining to provide maximum sun protection.

Wind resistant Comfy-fit adjustment band to tighten fit, reduce size.

Turned up brim, 3.5" wide (breton, kettle brim).

Super light-weight, airy and comfortable.

Magnetic metal badge for golf marker of to show off your favorite badge.

Packable, pack flat or stuff crown.

Fits up to 58 cm, medium to large size women's hat. 

UPF 50+ rated for maximum sun protection from damaging UV rays.

Handwash, cold water.

100% poly-straw.

The tried and true sweetheart Victoria hat: Victoria hats

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