DPC Global Perforated Crown Bucket Style Soaker Hat

$ 22.00
SKU mc355sm

This soaker bucket style hat by DPC Outdoor, just made the selection to be added to our 2019 soaker hat collection by DPC Outdoor.

Small brim bucket hat with perforated crown. 

The hat is made of a special suede-like microfiber that retains water and provides slow evaporative cooling.

Soaker hats keep you cooler hot days by the additional evaporative cooling.

Pour water over hat, or dunk it, then shake excess water off. 

Traditional bucket style stitched brim, 2" wide.

Wide elastic comfort inner band provides snug -wind resistant- fit.

UPF 50+ ultraviolet protection rating.

50% polyester, 50% nylon (microfiber)

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