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Sinamay Hats and Fascinators

Sinamay is made from Abaca plant fiber (grown in the Philipines). Unlike raffia, abaca fiber is obtained from the leaf stalks, not the leaves. Hats are blocked from a stiffened flat sheet, or a loosely woven hood. Usually fancy hats, derby hats and fascinators are made of sinamay. Pinok Pok is a higher quality, tighter woven sinamay.

Sinamay dress hats are always classy and elegant, will never go out of style. Big brim extravagant sinamay hats are embellished with feathers, plumes, netting, organza fabric, or metallic thread for a fabulous look. 

Sinamay fascinators and pillbox cocktail hats are also adorned with feathers, dotted netting, silk butterflies, tulle flowers or rhinestone and beads.



  • $ 116.00
    Scala Hats

    Sinamay Capeline Hat with Metallic Accent - Scala Hats

    4 colors available

    Elegant sinamay dress hat. Large flat brim accented with woven in metallic thread, 8" wide. Round crown. Sinamay rosette and loop accent. Ribbon ba...

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    $ 116.00
  • $ 87.00
    Something Special LA

    Large Sinamay Bow Two Tone Dress Hat - Something Special Hat Collecion

    3 colors available

    A beautiful sinamay dress hat, geat for Derby Days. Black crown with contrast color downward sloping brim, 5" wide. Wide sinamay band wrapped aroun...

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    $ 87.00
  • $ 39.00
    Something Special Hat

    Sinamay Fascinator with Butterflies by Something Special Hat

    5 colors available

    Stunning butterfly embellished fascinator. Grosgrain ribbon trimmed sinamay base, approximately 6". 12" overall. Head band. One size.

    $ 39.00
  • Multi Color Multi Layer Sinamay Hat - SetarTrading Hats
    Multi Color Multi Layer Sinamay Hat - SetarTrading Hats
    $ 67.50
    Something Special Hat

    Multi Color Multi Layer Sinamay Hat

    9 colors available

    Triple layer pinned up brim organza hat. Multi color satin flower. Dome crown, Inner drawstring to adjust size. One size. 100% sinamay.

    $ 67.50
  • Sinamay Sun Hat with Four Roses - SetarTrading Hats
    $ 65.00
    Something Special LA

    Sinamay Derby Hat with Four Roses

    2 colors available

    Large ruffle edge brim. Three sinamay flowers and feather accent. Adjustable drawstring inside. One size fits most.

    $ 65.00