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Palm Leaf Straw Hat

  • $ 15.00
    Texas Gold Hats

    Junior Palm Leaf Safari Pith Helmet - Texas Gold Hats

    American sun helmet style sewn palm leaf safari pith helmet for petite heads and children.  Structured dome crown. Dimensional brim, 2 - 2.5" wide....

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    $ 15.00
  • $ 24.00
    Tula Hats

    Small Heads Outback Burnt Palm Leaf Sun Hat - Tula Hats

    Solid crown gambler style sun protection hat for small head sizes. Flat crown wall and telescope crown top. Provides excellent sun protection, UPF ...

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    $ 24.00
  • $ 8.00
    Texas Gold Hats

    Toddler Sombrero Hat with Chin Cord - Texas Gold Hats

    Tiny palm leaf zapata bolita hat for children. Colorful pom pom accent around brim. Embroidered MEXICO, and bird accent. All around curled brim, 2"...

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    $ 8.00