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Men's Dress Hats

Men's dress hats are made of luxury materials with feather and bow details for formal occasions. Classic fedora styles, safari hats, tall and short top hats, porkpie hats, bowler and gambler style hats. High quality straw hats for summer wear, and wool felt hats for fall and winter wear. Find a dress hats to complete your ensemble for your next derby party, gala, wedding, black tie event, or just add more sophistication to your street fashion style.

  • Folk Distressed Look Wool Felt Western Hat - Biltmore Hats, Safari Hat - SetarTrading Hats
    Biltmore Hats

    Folk Distressed Look Wool Felt Western Hat - Biltmore Hats

    $ 119.00

    Handcrafted wool felt western outback style hat. Felt is distressed to give an authentic worn look. Teardrop crown with pinched front. Distressed g...

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    $ 119.00


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