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Ponytail Hats, Caps and Beanies

  • Ginnie Cap in Microfiber Cap Great hats by Karen Keith
    Ginnie Cap in Microfiber Cap Great hats by Karen Keith GCMFpp Purple
    $ 15.00
    Great hats by Karen Keith

    Ginnie Cap in Microfiber

    Perfect for active and stylish ladies! Please note NO LOGO on front. Ginnie Cap with golf logo. Lightweight fashion cap for ponytail, braid or bun....

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    $ 15.00
  • Cotton Facesaver Cap - Milani Hats Cap Milani Hats
    Cotton Facesaver Cap - Milani Hats Cap Milani Hats BL7103sb Sky Blue Medium (57 cm)
    $ 12.50
    Milani Hats

    Cotton Facesaver Cap - Milani Hats

    100% Cotton classic wide bill cap. Round bill with 4" peak provides good sun protection for ears too. Six panel dome crown with button top. Elastic...

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    $ 12.50
  • Split Brim Cloche Wool Hat with Bow - Boardwalk Style Beanie Boardwalk Style Hats da3156bk Black Medium (57 cm)
    Split Brim Cloche Wool Hat with Bow - Boardwalk Style Beanie Boardwalk Style Hats da3156rd Red Medium (57 cm)
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    Original Price $ 26.00
    Current Price $ 15.00
    Boardwalk Style Hats

    Split Brim Cloche Wool Hat with Bow - Boardwalk Style

    Split back brim wool hat. Perfect to wear with ponytail. Deep cloche style crown. Small 2" wide brim. Bow over V-cut in back. One size. 57 cm 100% ...

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    Original Price $ 26.00
    Current Price $ 15.00
    Save 42%


Ponytail hats are designed to accommodate your ponytail or bun. Ponytail hats have a unique opening in the back or top of the hat to allow you to pull your hair through. This hat style solved the incompatibility problem of hats and ponytails. In the realm of hat history, this style is a new design, but long awaited by women who prefer their hair up, and have given up wearing a hat because hats do not look right with the lump of the hair misshaping the crown, or the bun preventing the hat to sit on the top of the head. You will never again have to tuck your hair into your hat. Now, let’s explore available ponytail hat styles and brands.

Ponytail Hat Styles:

1. Straw Hats with Ponytail Opening

The back of the crown of these straw hats has an opening, and the brim is split. Hook and loop strap closure allow you to pull your hair through easily, and adjust the fit as needed. This style of a ponytail hat fits a wider range of sizes. The shape of the crown can be round or pinched, like a fedora. The ponytail opening and the brim are ribbon bound. The varying width of the brim, ranges from 3" to 5", allows you to choose a style to accommodate your activity and sun protection need. 

Advantages of Straw Ponytail Hats:

Breathability: Made of natural straws, modern paper-braid, or poly-straw. These hats are lightweight and breathable, allowing air to circulate and keep your head cool on sizzling summer days. Lucy Palm Leaf Sun Hat with Ponytail Hole is a natural straw hat made by the famous palm straw hat brand Tula Hats. Our best selling Karen Keith Tweed Straw Facesaver hat with Ponytail is made of paper-braid straw. Gabi Ponytail Hole Fedora by Wallaroo is made of Flexy-Weave® a poly-straw. 

Sun Protection: The material of these hats is tested for their UV blocking properties. Tightly woven or braided straw hats provide excellent sun protection. In addition, the wide brim provides ample shade to protect your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun’s harmful rays, helping to prevent sunburn and skin damage.

Larger Ponytail Opening: The opening of a straw hat is wide with varying height to accommodate low to high ponytails and buns comfortably. The hook and loop closure allows to easily place the hair without having to pull it through the ponytail hole. Boardwalk Hat’s Wide Brim Straw Ponytail Facesaver Sun Hat offers a high opening for a messy bun and a stylish straw bow detail over the Velcro® closure.

Adjustable Sizing: The hook and loop strap allows about an inch of adjustment on the OSFM hats accommodating a range of fit, and allows you reduce or expand the size and adjust from a snug to a looser fit. Some brands also offer small or large size ponytail hats. Karen Keith Ponytail Fedora Hat is made for larger head sizes, while Petite Gabi Fedora by Wallaroo Hat Company fits smaller head sizes.

Split Brim: The unique butterfly split prevents the wide brim from bumping into your back and pushing the hat forward, even the larger brim ponytail hats. This makes ponytail hats easy to wear when getting in and out of a car, or just lounging in a beach chair.

Functionality: Wide selection of styles to choose from to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you are at a summer barbeque or traveling around the world, ponytail hats will keep your hair off your face and off your neck ensuring you will be comfortable and fashionable. Packable ponytail hats make a great travel companion. Wallaroo’s Gabi ponytail hat pack easily and available in petite as well as OSFM to accommodate ladies with smaller head sizes.

2. Trail Hats with Ponytail Hole

Full brim trail hats feature ponytail openings like straw hats, while hats with a neck cape have a slit on the crown. Ponytail trail hats are made of lightweight materials ideal for any outdoor activities, as they provide sun protection and keep you cool and keep your hair off your neck.

Advantages of Ponytail Trail Hats:

Sporty style: Trail hats were designed for active lifestyles. Made of super lightweight performance fabrics, or quick-dry nylon for cooling all day comfort keeping your hair out of the way while you are hiking, running, or playing sports. Available in a variety of colors to match your outfit.

Sun Protection: UV blocking fabric and the wide brim protects your eyes, face, ears, neck, and shoulders from sun exposure. Trail hats with neck capes, such as the Large Bill Trail Hat with Sun Shade and Floatable Brim made by Scala Hats, were especially designed for neck and shoulder protection. Its wide brim also provides ample shade for your face.

Easy to Clean and Pack: Most nylon hats are washable, dry quickly, prevent stains and odor. These hats can be folded or packed flat, making them a convenient accessory to have whether you are going on vacation, or just have them in your bag for when you need it.

3. Ponytail Yoga and Baseball Caps

Unfitted baseball caps have opening for a ponytail, but the real ponytail caps will accommodate a high ponytail or bun as well. It can be a triangle shape with sectioning straps, a slit sometimes with a zipper closure, or a stretchy opening on top of the hat. Ginnie Caps™ have an open back with a smooth hook and loop closure that will not pull your hair. The open crown is perfect to show off your braided hair.

Advantages of Ponytail Caps:

Comfortable fit: When you just need to shade your eyes to reduce glare, baseball caps are a convenient choice as they are comfortable to wear. Ponytail caps are made of lightweight polyester, nylon, cotton, or Lycra®. Swimsuit Fabric Ponytail Baseball Cap by DPC Hats is perfect for the swimming pool with its crown top ponytail hole your hair is kept out of the water.

Convenience: Easy to pack, easy to clean. Most ponytail baseball caps are washable, or easy to spot clean, making them a low maintenance practical accessory to have wherever you are heading.

4. Ponytail Beanie Hat

A knit beanie made of acrylic or wool with an opening on top. Various lengths to choose from snug fitting to slouchy styles. Functional style to keep your head warm while allowing you to wear your ponytail or bun comfortably. Ideal for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, or hiking.

Advantages of Ponytail Beanies:

Functionality: The primary function of a ponytail beanie is to keep your head warm and wear your hair comfortably. When you are out braving the elements, these beanies provide style and practicality. The clever ponytail opening is reinforced with a stretchy adjustable closure to easily pull your hair through, then tighten to your liking.

Style: Ponytail beanies come in various materials to suit your preferences and weather conditions. Common materials include soft acrylic yarn for warmth and comfort, wool for added insulation, or a blend of materials for durability and breathability. For extreme wintry weather, choose a ponytail beanie lined with warm fleece, sherpa, or faux fur. Choose from classic ribbed knit for a timeless look, cable knit for texture and visual interest, or pom-pom beanies for a playful whimsical look.

In our era fashion and style are as important as comfort and functionality. Ponytail hats are stylish and practical additions to your winter or summer wardrobe. Put your hair up and be ready to run errands, enjoy a stroll, or hit the slope.