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Fedora Hats

No need for introduction, the Fedora is one of the most well-known hat styles. A fedora hat has small soft brim, generally 1.5" - 2.25" wide (stingy brim, large brim fedora). The brim can be curled up all around, or just in the back with the front turned down. Fedora hat has a pinched crown and a dented crown top, mostly a center-crease, but can be a teardrop shape. Most often decorated with a simple accent of a ribbon band with a small side bow, a pin or feather. 
  • Karen Keith Panama Hat - SetarTrading Hats
    $ 26.00
    Great hats by Karen Keith

    Karen Keith Panama Hat

    1 color available

    Super lightweight woven 5 BU toyo straw safari hat. Lightweight structure, perfect for golf. 3" wide slightly downsloping brim, provides excellent ...

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    $ 26.00