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Fall Hat Fashion Update

Fall Hat Fashion Update

2019 Fall Hat Styles for Men and Women

fall hat fashion 2020 men women hat styles new fashion trend

Bolero, Gaucho and Boater Style Hats 

These hat styles continue their trend into the fall. These wool felt flat crown, flat brim hats are elegant for men and women.  

new fall and winter hat styles for women. wool felt wide brim ladies hats

biltmore wool felt distressed gaucho     Brooklyn hats women's boater with leather band

French Berets

Truly, berets are always favored, but this year they are back with a bang. Classic beret or with unique embellishments, patterned knitting, poms, sequins and bright colors. 

French beret hats


New York Cabbie, Newsboy Caps, Ascots, Flat Caps.

Beautiful fabric choices this year for men. Tweed wool, leather, suede and colorful patchwork combination of fabrics and patterns.

New York Cabbie, Newsboy Caps, Ascots, Flat Caps


Cloches, Bucket Hats

2019's fall and winter bucket hats have merged into the more sophisticated 1920's cloche hat style. Brims are a little wider and elongated. Solid colors or prints with shimmery accents and veils dominated fashion week.

1920's cloche hats for fall and winter



2019 might just restore the true reputation of this timeless hat style. Casual trilbies are traded in for more elegant wider brim fedoras. Multi-color tweed felt, silk, printed fabric fedora hats to wear with a dressy attire.



Leather Hats for Men and Women

Leather headwear of all styles are notable for this autumn. Leather safari, outback style hats, bucket hats, caps, trappers will spice up your fall wardrobe. And truth be told, it doesn't even have to be real leather. Weathered cotton, and oiled cotton hats are great alternatives (image below). 

2019 hat fashion trend for men leather look hats and caps



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