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Here is what our customers wrote to us

"Yes... yesterday and they are beautiful! It's going to be difficult to send some  back. I wish I could keep them all. I will send a photo after the wedding. Thank you for your quick service."

"I received my hats yesterday.  They are perfect! Thank you very much."

"Hello, Andrea -It's I who should thank YOU!!! It's difficult for me to recall the last time I enjoyed such excellent customer communication and service.  I was so delighted to find my favorite golf visors on your site but do not generally make purchases from sites previously unknown to me or those that do not come personally recommended. Took a flyer to get these visors, which I cannot find anywhere else, and WOW!!  A true pleasure doing business with you. Warm regards,"

"I was very pleased with the prompt arrival of my visors.  I have a yellow one I had purchased previously and needed to add some to my collection.  I find these visors very comfortable and perfect for golf!"

"A friend bought me one of your DPC bucket hats with pocket in stone color. I was excited because I had lost my bucket hat in same style in putty so I went to look and sure enough you actually had it in putty too! Had to order it. Now I have 5 colors one for each business day of the week. Sorry hats are exciting to me. Thank you very much, you’re awesome."

"Hi Andrea,Thanks for working on this. We’ll be back in April and can pick it up then. Aside, [......] bought a blue dress yesterday that matches perfectly. She’s so excited to wear her new hat but it’s winter here so she’ll have to be patient."

"Thank you Andrea, I so very much appreciate it. A real pleasure doing business with you. God bless you and Happy Holidays!"

"Hello!  My girlfriend bought a hat store in Maryland "years" ago (she doesn't remember exactly when), and it was her favorite hat that she's ever, ever had. Unfortunately, her roommate's dog ate it, and I'm not even kidding. I love this girl a lot, and I'd loooove to get her this hat for Christmas. I have a picture of her wearing the hat, which I've included below. I actually contacted the store she bought it from, and they said that it looked like a "Stetson cadet cap" which they don't carry anymore. They suggested I do a Google Image search of the hat, and that's what brought me to your site. I want this hat so bad. Here's the picture of her wearing the hat: ...Please help me find this hat!!! I'll pay anything for it!! Do you have it on your website? Thank you!!!"

"Hi! You're welcome! I thought I'd share that my purchase came about in a funny way. I am visiting in Salt Lake City and went to JCrew store at the mall here. I've been looking for a cute hat that actually looks good on me for a long time and finally found one I liked on display on a mannequin in the sale section of the store. I took it to the register to pay, but there was no price tag on it. The sales girls tried to look it up every way they could and finally found out that it actually had been left there by a customer who called and asked that it be set aside for her. I was so disappointed that I couldn't buy that cute hat, but came back to my hotel room and googled the brand name, Karen Keith, and found the hat through your online shop."

"Thank you. The hat is very nice."


"Hello, I wanted to let you know I received my hat and have worn it a few times.  It is FABULOUS.  Thank you for taking the extra effort to get it to me. Thanks again for the great hat and superb customer service."

"I love my hat. The fit is perfect. I got it on Saturday, that was fast. Thank you,"

"The world is so big and people forget the small gestures of acknowledging patronage will keep a customer. I look forward to purchasing more items in the near future. Gauging my head size :)"

"I received the darling hat and I just love it. Beautifully packaged too. Thank you so much for great customer service."

"I'm just very excited! Every other place I've been, this hat was unavailable. Glad that your establishment had it!"

"Just received my order. Love them! Great price and quality."

"You have a great company. I will spread the word to everyone that they can buy hats and fasinators on your website."

"Awesome thank you so much for all your help. My dad LOVES the hat"

"Thank you for the super fast shipping !"

"Thanks for the hat! Just what I expected!!!??"

"If, as you say, your company is small, may it grow and grow! Rarely have I received such personal attention from an on-line company representative, and is beyond any expectation I had."

"The hat just arrived and the brown is so beautiful! It fits great and was packaged so wonderfully! Thanks again Andrea for the help, it's been a wonderful shopping experience! Thanks again!"

"I ADORE my hat!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping expedite this."

"I'm wearing my hat right now, and will send you a picture of it while on our trip."

"Thank you love the hat!"

"I want to say, thank you, I love my red hat & received the package very quickly, and pretty tape thanks again."

"this has been a fantastic shopping experience! Please keep me posted on any other hats you think I might like."

"Hats arrived today - the hat bands look great!"

"I received the visors and am so pleased!...finding a visor that will stay on even in a breeze without an accompanying headache is not easy.  I have been searching for someone who carries the "real deal" and you had them!  The visors were delivered very promptly and beautifully packaged for safe shipping.  I will be ordering additional colors soon.Thank you so very much."

"Thanks for your help on this order!"

"Both hats are for my Dad and he says they are the most comfortable hat he has worn."

"Thank-you so so much for your super quick response!"

"I am CRAZY about my hats!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!"

"Love my hats but... I didn't buy this one!! ? Please call me!!!..."

"Yes you are right! The shipping quote was $22. thanks for contacting me, I'll look into these hats again. I'll let you know if I have any trouble.
"Love. love the mini hat, I got more than I expect it. Thank you so much"
"love it"
"Dear J..., YOU ARE the WINNER of our giveaway!!...I am SOOO excited!I have great plans for this hat. Thank you!"
"The red hat band arrived - thank you so much - truly thank you so very 
very much."