Flat Caps, Ivy Caps, Newsboy Caps and Ascots

Soft cap with flat round or oval shape top and small bill, sometimes sewn, snapped or incorporated into the crown. Always in style for street wear for sport, golf, attire in cold and hot weather. Referred by quite a few names, duckbill, snap bill, bunnet, Irish flat cap, Irish tweed cap, dai cap, cheese-cutter, scally, Jeff cap, gatsby, cabbie, poor-boy, newsboy, eight-panel, apple cap, ivy cap. Favored through decades by young men and elderly of the upper class or lower class alike. 
Twisted Sea Grass Golf Ascot by DPC Global - SetarTrading Hats
$ 27.50

Twisted Sea Grass Golf Ascot by DPC Global

Classic molded ascot style cap made of loosely woven twisted sea grass for airy comfortable summer wear. Soft packable sea grass. Round, 1.75" bill...

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$ 27.50

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