Gambler, Porkpie, Boater, Bolero, Gaucho Hats

Gambler Hat

These hats have a low oval shape crown, straight sidewalls, flat telescopic crown top hat with medium to large curled brim. Lately also referred to as Heisenberg, Walter White Breaking Bad hat.

Porkpie Hat

Small curled brim hats. Sidewalls taper slightly upward. Originally very shallow, now low to medium crown height with set-in top. Its name is a reference to the actual pork pie dish. Often associated with blues and jazz.

Boater Hat

A boater hat is made of straw and has flat brim, straight sidewalls, shallow crown with flat top, typically, accented with a solid color or striped ribbon. Also referred to as straw boater, skimmer, somer, basher, cady. Classic turn of the 20th Century look.

Bolero, Gaucho Hat Styles

Originally worn by cowboys in South America. These hats are made of felt with wide flat brim, shallow flat crown with chin cord. Think Zorro, or Spanish dancers.

Two Tone Raffia Bolero by Sun Styles
Two Tone Raffia Bolero by Sun Styles
$ 34.00

Two Tone Raffia Bolero by Sun Styles

Braided raffia bolero style sun hat for women. Black square crown. Natural raffia brim with frayed edge, 4" wide. Ribbon inner band with drawstring...

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$ 34.00

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